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House Of The Dragon Episode 5 Made Some Major Changes To Ser Criston Cole’s Story From Fire And Blood

The first of these changes relates to the shocking confrontation near the end of Episode 5, in which Criston Cole is approached by Ser Joffrey Lonmouth (Solly McLeod): the secret lover to Rhaenyra Targaryen’s fiance, Ser Leanor Velaryon (Theo Nate). Lonmouth confronts Cole after realizing that he and the princess are having an affair, offering that the two work together to make the most of their secret connection to the newlywed couple.

In an unprecedented display of rage (likely due to his immense anger at Rhaenyra’s rejection, and his own self-hatred) Cole beats Ser Joffrey Lonmouth to death in front of the entire court – causing Leanor Velaryon to break down in tears at the sight of his former lover’s corpse. As shocking as this scene was, it is a complete invention of the show — and is in direct defiance of Criston Cole’s story in “Fire and Blood.”

In the books, Cole staves in Lonmouth’s helmet while the two are jousting in celebration of Rhaenyra and Leanor’s wedding. Lonmouth would succumb to his wounds just six days later. While one could certainly argue that this incident may have been intentional on Cole’s part (a retaliation against Leanor for taking Rhaenyra from him) the fact remains that the event is vastly different from the cold-blooded murder we see in the show — which makes this version of Ser Criston Cole seem more like a jealous, unhinged madman than a knight.



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