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Here’s Where You Can Stream David Cronenberg’s Scanners Online

Viewers that want to stream the original “Scanners” can fortunately find the film on one of the biggest streaming platforms out there at the moment. As it stands, the movie is part of the current content lineup for HBO Max and it can be watched with a basic subscription plan.

While the premier home of “Scanners” right now makes sense considering HBO’s plans to expand on the intellectual property themselves, there are still a few other options out there for fans. Those with Roku-enabled devices can stream “Scanners” with a subscription to The Criterion Channel. Additionally, for fans that would rather not pay a subscription fee, the horror classic is also available to rent or buy outright on both Amazon Prime Video and the iTunes store.

Regardless of how you decide to watch “Scanners,” though, it’s absolutely worth it to revisit one of most iconic works of David Cronenberg. You’ll be surprised by just how well the special effects hold up…including that one “explosive” scene. You know the one.



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