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Here’s What Convinced Rip Carlton To Finally Join Deadliest Catch

After years of being asked to join the show, and repeatedly turning down “Deadliest Catch” producers, Carlton ended up having a change of heart after airing his grievances to Arom Starr-Paul, who moved up to a “Deadliest Catch” co-executive producer in 2017 (via IMDb). “What changed my mind is actually the gentleman, Arom Starr [Paul], that’s running the show now, had talked to me and I kind of told him my hesitation,” Carlton told “He said, well, I think we can work around that. You’ve got so much crab to catch, we’ll work with you.” Those words made Carlton consider joining the long-running series, but a conversation with his son pushed away any hesitations that remained.

“Dad, in 20 years when you’re gone, I’ll be able to stick that little memory stick in the computer and show my kids and go, ‘that’s my dad,'” Carlton recalled his son, Derek saying to him. That was all he needed to hear to finally sign the dotted line. Patricia Lee dominated the earnings game on “Deadliest Catch” Season 18, so don’t be surprised if Rip Carlton and his crew start getting a lot more screen time in future seasons.



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