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GTA 6 Map Includes Reportedly Cut Vice City Location

That’s what makes the Keys’ exclusion from GTA: Vice City so fascinating. Sure, there was no way the 2002 game could completely recreate that area, but it was always a little strange that Vice City didn’t include at least include a reference to the Flordia Keys or those famous bridges. However, some fans believe that an early version of Vice City may have included more than just a reference to the Florida Keys.

See, Vice City dataminers claim that they previously discovered a cut in-game dialog exchange between real estate mogul Avery Carrington and Vice City protagonist Tommy Vercetti. In that cut dialog sequence, Carrington asks Vercetti to drive a friend of his out to the “Gator Keys.” Carrington says that he’s interested in some land out in that area and wants his friend to go out there to help “sweeten the deal.”

Not only does “Gator Keys” sound like a pretty obvious GTA parody of the Florida Keys, but that general area may actually be referenced in the retail version of Vice City in another way. During an in-game radio ad for the Shady Acres development complex, Carrington says that the complex is located “a short drive out of town on some pristine wetlands.” For that matter, it’s worth noting that the Shady Acres area is referenced quite a few times in Vice City but can’t be found anywhere on the game’s official map. Maybe that’s because it’s actually located in the reportedly cut Gator Keys area?

To be clear, I can’t find any definitive proof that any version of the Florida Keys ever actually existed in GTA: Vice City. Most of the mockups I’ve seen of that location in the game appear to be homebrewed creations. However, quite a bit of circumstantial evidence suggests that Rockstar at least considered adding the area to the game at some point during its very early development. If that was the case, it’s easy enough to assume that they ultimately ran into too many signficant logistical hurdles that prevented them from expanding the game’s map in such a way.

However, one of the gameplay videos included in the GTA 6 leaks clearly showcases one of the game’s protagonists swimming near a massive bridge that structurally resembles the bridges that lead out to the Florida Keys. While it’s possible that’s an entirely different bridge that was simply designed to look like the Seven Mile Bridge (GTA: Vice City featured a somewhat similar copycat structure), it’s worth noting that the in-game bridge stretches over a large body of water and seems to eventually connect to some kind of land mass. Obviously, those details really make it sounds like GTA 6 will allow players to leave Vice City and explore that game’s version of the Florida Keys.

For what it’s worth, a ton of circumstantial evidence in the GTA 6 leaks also suggests that the Florida Everglades will be included in the game in some way. That not only means that GTA 6 will seemingly let us explore the area around Vice City but that the game’s map will include a significant chunk of land located to the south of Vice City. That would again support the idea that some version of the Florida Keys will finally be featured in a Vice City-set GTA title.



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