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General Hospital’s Kirsten Storms Dishes On How Some Of The Show’s Fans Perceive Her

During an appearance on the FABLifeShow in 2015, Storms revealed that she often has to deal with fans of the show referring to her by her character’s name. “They really think we are our characters, and I get addressed as Maxie all the time.” Storms explains that this seems to happen often on the internet, and adds that perhaps this is because soap operas air five days a week. “They’re questioning like, my characters decisions and stuff. Like, I’m married, I have a toddler, I don’t make the same decisions my character does,” she said ruefully.

Soap fans are notorious for their strong dedication to their favorite actors and shows, though sometimes the line between what’s real and what’s fake can become mixed up in their minds. Sometimes that can result in chaos, as devotees of certain couples with large fanbases can be very loud and sometimes disruptive to the lives of the actors who play the characters they adore. Just take a look at how “Days of Our Lives” fans reacted when the show was moved to Peacock after airing on NBC for decades on Twitter and you’ll see how devoted the fanbase can be. But Storms seems able to weather those bumps with applomb, as do many of her colleagues. It’s all in a day’s dramatic, baby-swapping, husband-stealing work.



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