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Fans Get Honest About Their Biggest Worries Regarding HBO’s The Last Of Us

Many of the comments seemed to be aimed at the casting. When The Hollywood Reporter tweeted out last year that Bella Ramsey would be taking on the role of Ellie, the comments were split between excitement for the Lady Mormont from “Game of Thrones” and disappointment that the part didn’t go to fan favorite Kaitlyn Dever. Now that the cast has rounded out with Pedro Pascal as Joel, Gabriel Luna as his brother Tommy, Anna Torv as Tess, and Nick Offerman as Bill, we’re getting a better idea of what to expect.

u/sup3rn1k said simply, “Fear: the actors cant properly portray the character’s personalities and quirks.” It is a common fear that a beloved character in the game won’t translate well to the screen. While Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey are phenomenal actors who can no doubt bring the characters to life, others believe they won’t be the problem, but the fans will be. u/audiotech14 expresses this fear, “My fear is that the show is awesome, and the actors are awesome and fully embody their characters, but fans still whine about them not looking like or sounding like the characters.”

In an interview with GQ, Pascal spoke about the role and the delicate balance he was taking with Joel. While he didn’t possess the talent to play the game, he watched his nephew play and learned about the character. The actor said that while he found Joel impressive, he feared getting too attached to the character and imitating him instead of bringing his own version to the screen. We’ll have to wait and see if his approach is effective.



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