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Do The Deadliest Catch Captains Ever Get Distracted By All The Cameras?

In an interview on “Larry King Now,” “Deadliest Catch” captains Johnathan Hillstrand and Wild Bill Wichrowski appeared to discuss the show’s 10th season and dive deeper into their own lives. When asked by King if they are ever distracted by the fact that they are being filmed, the duo responded with honesty. “You know, I’d like to say no,” said Wichrowski. “You can see there’s times where we will just draw the line and say ‘it’s a safety thing, just get out of my face, I’m going to continue on.’ So we shut them down when we have to.” 

Hillstrand joined in, saying, “And we’ve thrown them off our boat at the dock!” 

The camera crew must prepare themselves for the intensity they are about to endure. In an interview with Indiewire, the show’s Director of Photography David Reicher and Executive Producer Arom Starr-Paul talked about what goes into the show’s demanding shooting requirements. While Reicher dived into the complicated technology and manners of shooting the crew must go about on the show, Starr-Paul believes there’s something even more crucial needed for any camera operator coming aboard. “You need to have an iron stomach, [Tolerating] motion sickness is the first requirement of the job,” Starr-Paul said. “You need to be able to go out on those boats and sustain a level of health and operation so you can actually do the job, and it’s hard to find those guys.” 



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