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Did Mike Wolfe Subtly Confirm That American Pickers Season 24 Is On The Way?

In an August 13, 2022, Instagram post, Mike Wolfe dropped a major hint that production on “American Pickers” Season 24 has begun. “@americanpickers Crew getting busy at @thirdmanpressing Yesterday in #detroit Can’t wait for y’all to see what we have rolling with Jack,” Wolfe wrote, accompanied by a photo of the cast and crew standing outside of Third Man Pressing with the Antique Archaeology van beside them. Many in the comment section were quick to assume they were out filming Season 24, but at the time of this writing, confirmation that another batch of episodes is coming is nowhere to be found.

Hopefully, by the time Season 23 of “American Pickers” draws to a close, we’ll receive word on the fate of Season 24 from History. After all, the show has fans around the world who’d love to see it continue, and Mike Wolfe is right there with them. In an interview with CBS News in 2020, he explained that the production is a joy to film — not just because of the items, but because of the people who own them. Upon confirming to interviewer Lee Cowan that they’re the source of his passion behind it all, Wolfe spoke on the minds of collectors and how intriguing they’ve proven to be throughout his years as a television picker.

Even though History has yet to announce “American Pickers” Season 24, Mike Wolfe’s passion for the show and his recent Instagram post are encouraging signs that it’s on its way down the pipeline.



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