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Danielle Fishel Got To Use These Historic Sitcom Props On Boy Meets World

During a recent episode of the “Pod Meets World” podcast, which is hosted by “Boy Meets World” cast members Danielle Fishel, Will Friedle, and Rider Strong, Fishel revealed one interesting behind-the-scenes detail from the making of their beloved ’90s TV series. In specific, when discussing the few episodes of “Boy Meets World” that were set during the 1940s and ’50s, Fishel said, “Remember the episodes that we did where we went back to like the ’40s or the ’50s? I’m wearing Lucille Ball’s shoes [in those episodes].”

After making her initial comment, Fishel went on to discuss with Strong and Friedle how Disney has a habit of keeping nearly all of the costumes from its productions in warehouses that are collectively known as “The Disney Vault.” Fishel, therefore, implies on the podcast that the shoes she wore during the time travel episodes of “Boy Meets World” came from the Disney Vault. Taking that into account, while some of Fishel’s “Boy Meets World” costumes likely ended up getting locked away forever in the Disney Vault, it sounds like the coming-of-age series also gave her the chance to actually reap the benefits of the vault.

Of course, Fishel wouldn’t have ever gotten the chance to wear Lucille Ball’s shoes on “Boy Meets World” if she’d been prematurely fired from the series, which “Boy Meets World” fans may be surprised to learn almost happened.



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