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Chris Pratt Has Reassuring Words For Fans Of The Terminal List

During an appearance on Jack Carr’s podcast “Danger Close,” Chris Pratt assured fans of “The Terminal List” that he’s working hard to make sure another season of the series materializes. “To the rabid fans of ‘The Terminal List’ out there, you have nothing to worry about,” Pratt said. “We love you and appreciate your support, and it’s our life’s mission to make sure you can come back to the well. We’re working away.” 

While Pratt’s comments aren’t an official confirmation of more episodes, they do indicate that some behind-the-scenes work is potentially already underway, helped, no doubt, by the fact that producers already have Carr’s novel series to work from. Pratt also has a well-established relationship with Amazon Prime, having starred in and produced “The Tomorrow War” for the streamer. 

Carr confirmed 2nd season talks in a separate interview approximately a month after the premiere of “The Terminal List.” Speaking to The Daily Mail, Carr said, “Chris wants to do it, and Amazon wants to do it. But it could all fall apart. It would be an eight-part series based on the second book ‘True Believer.’ We shall see.” 



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