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Chicago Med Showrunners Andrew Schneider And Diane Frolov On What Season 8 Has In Store


Fans are dying to know what’s going to happen in the season premiere. Pictures and images have been released that look like all the main characters made it out of the fire. Not just that — we were also left on Crockett and even Archer cliffhangers, to some extent. What can we expect from the premiere and beyond?

Andrew Schneider: First of all, the premiere takes place immediately following the finale from last season.

Diane Frolov: Yes. Just minutes after, so we have all those characters in that building.

Schneider: And let’s just say some don’t get out unscathed. And the storyline which we set up with Dean Archer will continue to be a recurring story this season as he tries to reconnect with his son.

Frolov: [As for] Crockett, there’s fallout with Blake. It’s not a good situation. This will be her last episode for the time being. So Crockett is going to have to continue on, and he’s going to struggle with …

Schneider: “Should I have made the decision I made?”

Frolov: That’s going to haunt him.

Now, you’re adding two new characters in Season 8, played by Sasha Roiz and Lilah Richcreek Estrada. What can we expect from them?

Schneider: [Lilah] plays a new psych fellow. She’s introduced in the premiere and will be an ongoing character for Dr. Charles to interact with, as they will handle some psych cases together.

Frolov: Sasha is playing a very wealthy entrepreneur who Crockett rescues at one point, and that action causes Crockett to become kind of a celebrity character.

Schneider: So he has to deal with a new aspect of his medical career — being the celebrity doctor at Chicago Med.



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