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Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 1 Recap: Goodbye, Hello

Unfortunately, Jo does not survive her gunshot wound and is pronounced dead at Med. This absolutely guts Dr. Scott, who blames himself since the bullet he shot at their assailant went through him and into Jo. Dr. Scott tells Ms. Goodwin (S. Epatha Merkerson) that he killed the woman he loves and eventually quits Med by the end of the episode. Despite Guy Lockhard being confirmed for Season 8 of “Chicago Med,” it doesn’t mean he’s going to appear in subsequent episodes. The story really suggests Dr. Scott is leaving the series, a move that no one saw coming. The past several episodes of the show have reiterated how much being a cop is in his blood, so it’s possible he could make his way over to “Chicago P.D.,” but there have been no rumblings on that at this point. His exit from “Chicago Med,” should it be permanent, leaves a vacancy, and we’re just wondering who’s going to fill it.

The fire also puts Dr. Asher in the hospital, as the smoke inhalation triggered a condition in her lungs caused by her prior heroin use. When she was an addict, the heroin she injected was likely cut with talcum powder, so when she used the talc formed embolus that went into her lungs. She’s been living with these for years, but it wasn’t until the smoke inhalation that they were discovered, as they triggered interstitial lung disease and caused inflammation. It’s a lot of medical jargon, we know. Steroids worked their magic, and Dr. Asher was extubated and was set to have her lungs cleared. This could be setting up another romantic season between Will and Hannah, based on her running into a burning building for him and him constantly being by her side during her hospitalization. By the way, the fire that caused all this trauma? Yea, it was started by Vas-COM pusher Jessa Rinaldi (Angela Wong Carbone), who was trying to kill Will before the trial. But thanks to Kim Burgess (Marina Squerciati) from “Chicago P.D.,” the arsonist is behind bars now.



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