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Chicago Fire’s Eamonn Walker Reveals How He Slips Into Boden’s Accent

For Eamonn Walker, his early days as a British actor playing American characters in U.S. productions had him questioning whether he could pull off the required accent. Interviewed on NBC 10 Philadelphia, he revealed that, “When I first arrived [in America] in 1997 … I was petrified that I had to do an American accent in front of Americans and working with Americans.”

In the same interview, Walker added that he was no longer in the position of doubting his American accent, thanks to his work with various voice coaches in New York and later in Chicago. He then went on to recount the story of the time his voice teacher had him listen to actual Chicago fire chiefs as examples of how they speak on the job. The voice coach got him some tapes, he recalled, but he admitted that “The first voice that we picked up on and I started doing, I was like, ‘oh god he sounds white and that’s not going to work.'” But the next voice was from a Black fire chief, and that firefighter’s voice eventually formed the basis of Wallace Boden’s vocal characteristics. As for whether or not the Boden accent comes easily for Walker, he noted that these days, “I can put him on like I’m putting on an old suit.”



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