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Astounding Fan Art Brings Giancarlo Esposito To Life As Mr. Freeze

In a piece of fan art posted to both Instagram and Imgur, Giancarlo Esposito is imagined as Mr. Freeze by user Craft of Designing. The version of Mr. Freeze depicted is the one from the ’90s television show “Batman: The Animated Series,” complete with the iconic glass dome over his head that he needs to survive.

However, imagining Esposito as Mr. Freeze is not exactly new. Two years before Esposito’s speech about his potential DC and Marvel roles, u/FlyingString4 posted similar fan art and asked: “Would you all like Giancarlo Esposito to play Mr. Freeze in an upcoming Batman film?” Even before Esposito planted the idea in the collective nerd consciousness, fans were fairly excited about the suggestion of him as Mr. Freeze. “He would kill it as Mr. Freeze!” u/JiveTurkey722 wrote. “He can be so serious and professional and quick to be terrifying.”

Another user, uExMeister00, wrote, “I never considered him before, but now I can’t accept anything less. A fine actor and choice!” A few disagreed with the choice, but mostly to point out other roles Esposito would be perfectly suited for, such as Hugo Strange.

Thus, fans of both DC and Marvel seem to agree that Esposito should play someone in a superhero movie, but there seems to be a lot of disagreement over which one. However, Esposito himself seems to be leaning toward Professor Xavier. Whichever part he possibly ends up going with, he will likely be an excellent choice for any of these roles.



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