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Andor’s Morlana One Explained

Overall, Morlana One is a mining planet ruled by the Preox-Morlana corporation. While Preox-Morlana does report to the Galactic Empire, it’s an entity unto itself. It has its own security force that can investigate crimes and make arrests, all of which will come into play as the series goes on.

The Preox-Morlana corporation controls nearly every aspect of life on Morlana One, not just the government. Its citizens are also its workers. In this way, it resembles the mining towns in the American Old West, where single companies controlled everything. Naturally this leads to oppressive conditions, the kind that would drive someone to join a rebellion.

Morlana One is the first place “Andor” visits. In the opening scenes, Andor goes into a Morlana One brothel in search of his sister, only to run afoul of two Preox-Morlana security officers, nicknamed “corpos,” whom he’s forced to kill. This puts Preox-Morlana Deputy Inspector Syril Karn (Kyle Soller) on Andor’s trail, and soon he becomes obsessed with hunting him down (via Inverse).



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