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12 Shows You Should Watch If You Love Fire Force

For “Fire Force” fans looking for something a little more older-skewing, “Attack on Titan” is the anime for you. Similar to the childhood trauma that Shinra Kusakabe endured, Eren Yeager has also suffered from a devastating loss in “Attack on Titan.” His mother was eaten alive by a Titan, a gigantic, humanoid monster that eats not for hunger, but for pleasure. The Titans appeared out of nowhere and nearly drove humanity into extinction, if not for the giant walls that surrounded the last bastion of civilization. However, after 100 years of peace, the Titans breached through the gigantic barriers and reignited their assault against humanity, resulting in devastating losses like the death of Eren’s mother. Following the surprise attack by the Titans, Eren has dedicated his life to the Survey Corps, an elite military unit formed to take the Titans down once and for all. Eren is not alone, as he is joined by his adopted sister, Mikasa Ackerman, his childhood friend, Armin Arlert, and others alike. However, there are those in the Survey Corps that have their own ulterior motives for joining the fight against the Titans.



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