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12 Most Memorable Moments From The Godfather Trilogy

This mention is really more of an ode to Al Pacino’s intense and occasionally ham-fisted acting in “The Godfather Part III” than a memorable scene. But, it still makes for one of the most copied, impersonated, and revisited moments of the entire franchise. Michael is older and slower in the third film, but along with his cozy red grandpa-esque cardigan and dangling reading glasses, he still maintains his brutality. 

The scene comes after Michael, having attempted to make it in the world as a legitimate businessman without the influence of his mafia family and connections, finds that other mobsters have double-crossed him in an attempt to thwart his goals. For some reason, Michael had his heart set on doing something outside the confines of his mobster past, perhaps to impress his innocent daughter Mary (Sofia Coppola), perhaps as a promise kept to his wife Kay, or perhaps out of his own vanity. But when Michael realizes he’ll never be able to escape the mob life or its influences, he gives a quiet yet intimidating speech that culminates in the famous and oft-repeated line: “Just when they thought I was out, they pull me back in!” 

With a thunderstorm raging in the background, and lightning flashing through the windows, Michael begins to suffer a diabetic stroke, screaming for his dead brothers and physically unable to control himself. The scene is simultaneously frightening and heartbreaking. 



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